Around Georgia's 11th District


Tricia Pridemore launches first TV ad of the campaign - "Prevail"


Mike and I want to take a moment to say thank you.  This last year has been such a thrill. While running for Congress was never something that I had planned, I decided to run because I needed to do something to drastically alter the course on which our county was headed.

I know you believe, like I do, that the next generation deserves an even better, stronger America than the one that was passed down to us.  We can do it, but I need your help.

The problems facing our nation are very real.  The federal government is $17 trillion in the hole.  We arrived at this debt by operating at a loss, like the $680 billion deficit the federal government ran up in 2013.

But the solution is simple.  We need to operate the federal government like we would a business and like we manage our households.  We must live within our means and spend the money we have, without borrowing today to mortgage our future away.

I will tackle this debt problem head on by supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment—one that doesn’t raise taxes or increase spending—to restore fiscal sanity to Washington.

Georgia’s 11th District needs a leader that knows how to balance a budget, create jobs and make the tough decisions needed to help us all succeed. By supporting my campaign, not only will you be making a contribution to send a common sense small business owner to Washington, you will be taking an active part in creating change that our country desperately needs.